Unforgettable jacaranda


The unforgettable hues of the jacaranda blossom

Why do I always forget?

Every April

when the jacaranda blossom

suddenly appears

I am taken by surprise

Every year

the blossoms appear

Not one by one

Not from slowly opening buds

Not creeping slowly

Nor even patch by patch in the trees.

But one day

I wake up

look to the skies

and there they are.

Bright lilac coloured trees

have taken over the city

while I slept.

And I didn’t even see them

on their way.

They make the dusty city smile

with bright


natural colour


for several weeks.

Until slowly

one by one

the petals fall

forming a thick carpet

making the pavements bright

holding their colour

for as long as they can.

Fading only

little by little

like my memory.

They disappear eventually.

From view.

From my mind.

For another year.

3 thoughts on “Unforgettable jacaranda

    • Thanks J – I wrote this in Kathmandu in 2005 – and when I saw the jacaranda spring into action the other day here in Yangon, it brought it all flooding back! The forgetting as well as the remembering!

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