Dancing to the bonus track – La Giardia Lambada

I have been Missing in Action for the couple of weeks now and an update is overdue to fill in the blanks.  So this short post is just to start to catch up with what has been happening recently.

I had a marvellous trip to the field – it was inspiring, exhausting, humbling and motivating.  I had expected it to be a Big Deal and it did not disappoint. It was a Great Step Forward indeed.  I returned to Yangon in high spirits.

Unfortunately, within 48 hours of my return to the big city, I was felled by a stomach bug and spent far more time than I would like in the smallest room of the house, feeling sorry for myself as well as for those near to me!  This lasted beyond the usual couple of days and I was prescribed an antibiotic which made absolutely no difference.  A few days later, with symptoms continuing I was treated for Giardia Lambla, a long standing acquaintance of mine.

Happily this medication took effect pretty quickly and I was able take a break from dancing the Giardia Lambada!

I have been living in Asia for over ten years now and over these years have spent a fair amount of time with uninvited guests and bugs resulting in a variety of gloriously crude symptoms.  That’s part and parcel of living in developing contexts and demonstrates clearly the balance between the novelty and privilege of living in an exotic environment with some of the challenges.  I guess you could call it a Bonus Track!

In some ways, the timing of this visitation was fortunate because a close friend was due to arrive to stay with us, and I had planned a few days leave.  It was frustrating not feeling well, especially since I have been full of energy recently.  However, we had over 5 years to catch up on and with the temperature outside increasing every day, we spent most of the time at home.

On Monday I returned to work and a backlog of all things, including internet correspondence.  By the end of the week I was again caught by some bug, and was violently ill all night.  This was a different beast though and I was soon back on my feet, rehydrating and being kind to my digestive system.  This time, I think it was probably linked to the fact that the transformer in the lane outside our house had blown up a couple of days earlier and we had lost electricity for around 18 hours.  In this weather, having the fridge out of order for so long is dangerous and this highlights the importance of throwing out any food – a waste but better than risking serious illness.  Of course, I did spend the night convinced that a stomach tumour was causing my sickness, but that seems to be better now.  (The mind as well as the stomach!)

So now it is the weekend again, and I have a chance to catch up.  I will be putting things together over the weekend and posting over the coming days.

In the meantime, I want to share this picture of a visitor in our garden this morning!  I would love to say it was a Feisty Blue Gecko, but it is apparently a Chameleon who must have been sheltering on a Flag of Scotland!


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