I was blown away by the response that my eggshells rant produced last week.  That s why I have been a bit on the quiet side – I have been reading your thoughts and replies, listening and thinking.

Rather than begin another rant and repeat the same sort of things I want to just pick out some key messages that have come through for me from everything I have read and heard over the past week.

  • Thank heavens for the internet!   We are so not alone and what a dialogue we can have across the globe.
  • It is just as hard not knowing what to say as it is hearing what you don’t want to hear!
  • As much as we are united by our cancer diagnosis and share many common reactions, we are all different and the things which makes us prickle differ just as much as we differ.
  • Cancer invades the lives of those close to people who are diagnosed, as powerfully as those themselves diagnosed.  (I found this post very thought provoking – it goes further and suggests that those around us are also cancer survivors).

And a parting thought.  There are indeed silver linings and blessings which have come out of my cancer diagnosis, and I am truly thankful and appreciative of these.  However, it does not make me hate cancer any the less!


One thought on “Afterwords

  1. I like this idea of rounding up the comments in this way – I did something similar with one of my most recent blog posts too. Sometimes the comments you get are so powerful and it is good to share them this way, as not everyone goes to the trouble of reading through them. Marie x

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