The easiest New Year’s Resolution – please think about this……

Can it really be a year since I posted this?

Indeed it is.  And although I am reluctant to repeat myself, I am again compelled to encourage you to think very seriously of a very simple New Year’s Resolution.  It is very easy to keep – unlike those resolutions to give up smoking, drinking or to lose weight – all of which are also important, but so hard to keep.

Whether or not you are thinking of a New Year Resolution, I have one to suggest.  It will not astound you that it is breast cancer related.  It will probably not even surprise you that it is pretty much the same as last year’s suggestion.  But that is because it is so important.  And so so easy.

October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness month, but once you are diagnosed every month is Breast Cancer Awareness month!  And similarly, breast cancer does not decide to manifest itself around October.  Hence the importance of awareness, screening and self examination and a resolution for YOU! And that includes you men folk too!  Breast cancer may be very rare in men, but it is not unheard of so you should also be aware.  You also have a role to play in encouraging and supporting the women in your life (as appropriate) to carry out regular checks.

Just to make it all the more doable, I have some special gifts for you.  Firstly from my own lovely Dr W of my hospital in Bangkok is a helpful article which describes how and when to carry out a self examination, and what signs to look for.  This guidance is from the hospital itself.

It is also crucial to know that symptoms are not confined to “finding a lump” – there are a number of warning signs.  Please check these out here.  Of course these symptoms can be caused by conditions other than cancer, but they should be checked out.  It is far better to be reassured than to miss an early sign.

And to round off, I have to give attention to perhaps the latest – the launch of new i-technology to support examinations.

Right then!  You have enough information so no need for excuses!  This has to be the easiest resolution to keep  so I really do urge you to adopt it.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

3 thoughts on “The easiest New Year’s Resolution – please think about this……

    • Thanks Marie – it feels a bit like repetition of last year’s suggestion, but I do feel it is so important and so easy! xx

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