Yangon mornings in images

Dawn seeps over the Yangon skyline, on the winter solstice morning.

Children with their traditional schoolbags, green lyongi and white shirt uniforms, and thanaka on their faces.

The thanaka logs.

A 3 seater trishaw in the lane.  Incredible how the drivers manage to sleep soundly on these!

Pink robed nuns in prayer.

A lone monk with his fan to shield the sun when it comes up, and his string of blooms for offering

The line of monks, as the sun rises, in a line to collect alms.


The start of another December day in Yangon.


4 thoughts on “Yangon mornings in images

  1. Awesome photos Philippa, it looks like such an interesting place to live. So happy to hear you are well down the road to recovery. Best wishes for Christmas and a very happy and Healthy New Year.

    • thanks P – it is fascinating – so many special things. Little bit different to Mongolia 😉 – which is also special, so different though.

      Yes, I’m doing well, and hoping that 2011 brings good things to us all!
      Love and hugs to you both.

  2. Oh Philippa, thanks so much for sharing. It bought back so many memories of life in Yangon. Thinking of you and J very much at present!
    xxx Simone

    • Thanks S – yes, you must remember those special mornings. Miss you both, and thanks for your mail
      Love and hugs to you all

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