Tickled Pink!!

This is rather an unusual situation.  I am somewhat lost for words and not sure what to say.

This week has been rather special.  I have been in Bangkok all week for NON medical reasons, re-connecting and re-emerging professionally – inspiring and motivating.  (And NO needles!!)

Then, on Tuesday evening, a real surprise landed in my lap with news from Breast Cancer Care – the exciting news that Feisty Blue Gecko was in the great company of 8 other Breast Cancer Bloggers in receiving an Award for Awareness Month Blog posts.

Here are the details from the release – an extract below too:

This October, the Breast Cancer Care forums, twitter, facebook and all manner of online communities were buzzing with activity for the Breast Cancer Care Blog Awards………………………..

There’s a real range of subject matter, including personal tales of treatment for breast cancer, reflections on the long term impact of having had a diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as discussions about the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what it really means to people who have experienced breast cancer.

Below are our ten winning blog entries (in no particular order):

I have always said that blogging my experience, sparing little detail, has been like a download button for me and in fact been a coping strategy.  It has also connected me with many others in a similar situation bringing an extra dimension of support.  You can see how vibrant the blogging community is from the selected blog posts above, and also on the growing list on the right side of this page.

So I find myself blushing somewhat – you could say I am tickled pink with the award, particularly when blogging has been such a lifeline for me.

Thank you so much for this lovely boost, and your ongoing support, warmth, friendship and encouragement.


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