We arrived safely in Bangkok this afternoon, and to the delights of being back online after a few days being somewhat offline!  It’s the Big Day tomorrow.  I have to fast from midnight (I wonder if I have to wake up to fast, or if I can do it while I am sleeping!) It somehow feels like cheating to fast while sleeping!

The day will start with blood letting, as usual.  I will then be guided through the various scans and imaging tests which have been ordered for me.  In the late afternoon/evening I will meet Drs W, W2 and A for review of the various tests and see if there are any signs of ED.  Which we don’t want (ED = Evidence of Disease).  What we want is NED – No Evidence of Disease.  Please.  Smiling faces with the good news would be nice, but a bonus.

I have also realised that tomorrow is a Big Day for another reason too.  It is another of those anniversaries but a rather special one.  Tomorrow will mark a year from when I started this blog – so I guess I should call it my “Blogaversary”!

So look out for a Blogversary post tomorrow, with the updates and detail about the Big Check.

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