Lost and found

Lost (Sunday 17 October)

One independent minded, foam prosthesis used for swimming purposes.

Last seen in the changing room after swim, and placed in bag with other possessions.  Missing on return home.  Contacted changing room and not in Locker No 6 or elsewhere in changing room.  Searched taxi and (thank goodness) not there.  No sign of missing prosthesis at gate or door.

If found, please don’t return it, I will be far too embarrassed and deny that it is mine.

Found (Monday 18 October)

One independent minded, foam prosthesis used for swimming purposes.

Located in the garden, having fallen from bag in transit from taxi to door.  Spent night in garden plotting wider escape, but captured and returned before able to get very far.

Owner is relieved and mortified.

4 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. What a great post! I have never had that problem… but I have chased one hyper chihuahua puppy around my house when he decided that my foam prosthesis would make a great chew toy. So, I feel your pain. 🙂


    • Oh my goodness – I think yours was in greater danger than mine then! 😉 I was so embarrassed searching in the taxi as they are all local drivers and I had the additional challenge of cultural sensitivities so could hardly go around asking for it!!! Thank goodness it was in the garden and not outside the gate!

    • Thanks – and glad it made you smile! I would love to know how you trained yours 😉

      I am also looking forward to reading your blog – I am not so far away from you (well, in terms of countries not miles) Warm wishes P

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