Loch Ness Monster Marathon

It is not strictly speaking the Monster Marathon but it is a monster feat!

I might have gone through what I termed the Triathlon of Cancer treatments but that was not really through choice.  However, my niece S and her hubby N have chosen to run in the Loch Ness Marathon on Sunday and what is more, they have chosen Breast Cancer Care as the cause they want to support, raising both funds and awareness.  Considering S and N have two young children and have been training during wind and rain (we’re talking Loch Ness and wild Scottish weather remember) this is a really monster achievement.

I am one of 3 women close to S who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer this year so it is an emotionally charged time.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins on Friday, my own Cancerversary is on Saturday and the Marathon on Sunday.  In addition to the physical demands of the marathon, S told me that she feels so emotional about the event that her tummy feels like a washing machine!  She promises pictures of the event and in turn I promise to share them here and on Facebook once they arrive from the other side of the world.

Breast Cancer has been a monster, invading our lives and it seems fitting that S and N will be running on the doorstep of an apparently much friendlier monster.

I’ll be thinking of you as you pound the lochside paths, chasing the cancer monster.  I cannot begin to thank you enough.


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