Around the world in eighty clicks

When I installed the magical map tool, which tells me which country blog visitors are in, I did not know it would keep me so happy for so long!

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Incredibly, my blog has been to far more countries than I have –it has been visited by people in 62 countries, with Portugal and Poland just joining the FBG Footprint Club.  So it is a good time to appreciate the amazing diversity of countries and people visiting FBG. 

I do know that some visits are accidental (for example, the quite literally misguided soul who Googled “feisty aliens” and was directed to a description of the foul taste of chemo mouth!)  must have been disappointed and confused, as was the intriguing search for forehead shaving which landed a visitor here.  I have no recollection of shaving my forehead, however!

The number of visits from countries I have lived in (Nepal, India, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and of course Thailand and Myanmar) is very exciting.  It is also lovely to see the footprint which shows friends from the countries I have worked in, as they have moved to different parts of the world.  It gives me a real buzz to see that FBG has been read in Armenia, Malawi, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Cote D’Ivoire, Pakistan, Bhutan, Algeria and many more countries.  However I shared my friend S’s disappointment when she went to a great deal of effort to log on in Samoa and Fiji and neither country appeared on the map! , I am fascinated by some of the countries – such as Kazakhstan, Greece, Peru and Argentina and wonder how on earth FBG reached there too.

This continues to make me ridiculously happy and I keep a firm eye on new countries which appear on the list.  So if you visit a different country, it would provoke a massively disproportionate level of glee from me if you took a few moments to log on to the blog.  Of course, visits to very unusual countries would be particularly well appreciated! 

Now is that not a great excuse to book a trip somewhere unusual!

3 thoughts on “Around the world in eighty clicks

  1. Our next big trip will hopefully be South America next year so I will be able to take care of Peru and Argentina if no one else has by then.

    • Lol – love it , thanks P 🙂 Well I won’t be mean, I don’t want to disrupt your planning and think your trip to Peru and Argentina sounds wonderful, but you could always add on a wee side trip to (based on current countries of course,) – how about Bolivia, Venezuela and what about Ecuador – they sound cool? Did you see that the latest country is Burkina Faso? How cool is that too? 🙂

      Seriously though, your next trip sounds amazing – and I hope you have as much fun planning as you do traveling.
      Warm hugs, P x

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