A trip to the spa?

An interesting realisation dawned the other day. 

I know my hair is growing, and I can feel kinks, especially at the back.   There is not much to see in the mirror though, and it is still horribly short and shouts “cancer” (at least to me)  from the front.  I have been frustrated that I am the only one who doesn’t actually know what the new wavy hair looks like.  And then I realised – I could take a photo of the back of my head and actually see what is happening.

I stood with the camera poised slightly above and behind my head (obviously my right arm as Twang Arm was having none of that) and clicked away merrily.  Unfortunately the result was not too enlightening (and I missed my head altogether a couple of times).  My creative skills were working fully though, and I had the presence of mind to ask hubby J to take a picture of the back of my head.  What a brainwave!  And indeed, there are wavy, curly locks. 

They are still the wrong colour, but that can be addressed.  I am still very reluctant to even trim my hair as I am intrigued as to how the waves will turn out, and how long they will last. 

I am also happy to report some progress on the nail front.  I still have the fascinating lines and the two tone nails from the Taxotere days.  I have 4 lines – one for each Taxotere treatment, and the darker colour for those times.  As the lines are moving up towards my finger tips though, they crack and split along the lines.  Not pretty.

Similarly to the hair, I feel reluctant to do much about them until they have grown more and the funny lines and splitting are no longer there.  If that coincides with the right timing for repair of the hair colour, then I reckon it will be time for a long awaited trip to the spa for a real pampering!

7 thoughts on “A trip to the spa?

  1. Isnt it amazing how the body will do all it can to heal itself…
    I think when you get your Spar day you will just have the best day ever!!
    hugs xx

    • Yes! It’s incredible how you pull back from all the treatments, regrowth and replenishment is amazing.
      I think I might just need a few days at the Spa now you mention it….. I can feel a plan forming 🙂

  2. Wow, those are real waves there, definitely not a figment of your imagination! Was it Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prarie where someone got the curls they’d always wanted after their hair was all shaved off because of illness? Cancer treatments must be the 21st century version 🙂

    Love Jxxxx

    • Thanks J
      He he – aren’t they just real waves!! I’ve heard it called the chemo compensation scheme. I just wish they’d come in a stunning chestnut/brown colour! Now that would have been real compensation!!

      Hugs xxx

  3. hey didi, im just catching up on yr blog. u could pay gd money to get yr hair to b done like that by a stylist! ah, every cloud has a silver lining! i think u should get that spa day/?weekend booked in and hang the expense! enjoy!

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