Moving on from the 3 month check

Sometimes it is hard to remember that it is only 3 months since all the heavy treatment finished.  Apparently a body subjected to cancer treatments usually needs at least as long to recover as the treatment took.  So that means I should allow around 8 months (at least) from the end of May to re-build slowly. 

However, I realise that despite my good intentions, I expect myself to be feeling “the same as before” and I find it hard not to push myself.  I often find it quite tricky to get a balance which allows me to recuperate and I am striving to function as I was before diagnosis.  I am reminded when I get very tired, or as happened today (written on Sunday), when I was out at the market and realised that I wanted to sit and rest (and have a big cold glass of water).  I had been wandering around for a couple of hours in the heat and humidity so it is not really surprising.  So I listened to my body’s reminder and stopped for a refreshment and a break.  I was delighted to find that I quickly bounced back and was ready for a new round of shopping in no time.

It made me think of a friend’s facebook post which asked fellow cancer survivors what changes they have made since diagnosis.  I posted a quick reply, sharing rather smugly that I am now doing a Pilates class twice weekly, swimming as often as I can, (and as often as the monsoon allows), being very attentive to my eating habits, taking time to do creative things I enjoy and being pretty disciplined about working sensible hours.  After keying it in, I realised that this actually represents quite a lot of changes.  I really have to focus on these changes and the role I have in my recovery when the worry worm tries to eat away at my mind in the night. And I really have to try to give myself time to heal.

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