Hair news

I am in a quandary about my hair.  First of all it is great to have a quandary to be in about my hair, because that recognises the fact that I do have some hair!  

I have now moved slightly beyond the Annie Lennox with the wrong face stage, into a stage which resembles more a puppy caught outside in the rain.  A puppy with funny white hair on the surface and dark hair underneath.  The rain effect is due to the appearance of distinct kinks in my hair. 

The quandary is based on the fact that my hair is now looking really quite untidy, but I am terribly reluctant to cut it.  My reluctance is partly due to the fact that I was without hair for far too long and hated every minute.  And it is partly because I am very curious to see how these kinks develop and if they might go so far as to become an auto perm.  That would be amazing, as I have always had the straightest of hair, so I am intrigued as to what the hair will do next.

So in the meantime, while I bask in my dilemma my hair continues to take on a life of its own and I continue to watch its progress with baited breath.

2 thoughts on “Hair news

  1. Well as we have shared so many things over the last few months you won’t be surprised to hear I have a similar issue! Mine used to be fine and straightish … and is very curly, especially at the back! It has grown back darker than before … with a tiny sprinkling of grey … which I did have previously. I’m going with the flow … and people have been quite complimentary about it. But the thought of having it cut … ooohhh nnnoooooo! P xox

    • Wow – so yours is darker! Isn’t it funny – I am intrigued about how it will look, and like you cannot bear the thought of it being cut, after having none for so long! Hugs, P xxx

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