Not alone!

So it’s not just me then!  This evening I have read Chemobabe’s latest blog entry and we may be in different continents, and on different sides of the planet in fact, but we are in almost the same place in the post treatment phase.  I was also pointed to an article from Cure Today which documents in some detail, the psychological process experienced by many once the heavy treatment phase has been completed.

It is in many ways reassuring to know that I am not alone in feeling strange during this time.  This is why I can’t revert magically back to the pre-cancer days.  However, it is one thing knowing that I am not alone and that this is a process I am going through, but it is another totally different thing bridging that rational understanding to the way I feel!

And it probably also explains why I have been so mega grumpy over these nasty shingles and unfairness of them catching me as I am trying to nagivate my own re-entry.

4 thoughts on “Not alone!

  1. Sometimes you can find comfort in numbers, according to the results so far at, hands down the top two concerns are 1. Staying healthy after treatment, followed closely by 2. Managing the fear of recurrence.

    I would encourage you to fill out a few questions about your bc experience, the results will be used to create better programs to help women facing breast cancer, in addition to allowing you to explore other’s responses (these do not show any personal information- simply percentages for each multiple choice answer). If you have any questions, please let me know.

  2. Thanks for this, Lauren – it is such a strange and isolating time. I have signed up today with the Registry and filled out the details from my perspective. A relly interesting project, thanks

  3. i’m glad we can go through this together — even if we are on other sides of the world! i thought i was getting strep throat the other day and it sent me off wayyy out of proportion to the way i would feel under “normal” circumstances. i can only imagine the grumpiness that shingles would bring out in me!

    sending love and healing to you!

    • Thanks so much – and I am also glad that I have your company in this. I hope all is good with you and the throat has healed without developing into strep throat. Healing hugs to you too, P x

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