Shingles news

A short shingles update.  The spots are fading – yippee!  They are pretty dry now and I reckon I can go swimming again.  More yippee!  I do find their little trick of becoming more painful as they fade quite intriguing (if unwelcome).  How can something you can hardly see be painful? 

I do feel more irritation appearing in other areas, but it disappears again.  I think it must be a combination of heebie jeebie chemo skin, radiation dry skin and shingles interference with nerve endings to confuse me.  It is uncomfortable wearing clothes near the area with the rash but there’s not a lot I can do about that!

I am still exceedingly cross with the shingles though, for stealing what should have been important healing time.  Perhaps in weeks and months to come I can be amused instead of angry that a diagnosis of shingles provoked a far more violent reaction than that of cancer!


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