From the recovery zone

The Dubai bruises are fading and so is the memory of radiation and chemo. 

We arrived safely on the tiny, remote Scottish island of Lismore where we are based for the next week.  It is quiet, restful, peaceful, healing and a tad cold!  We have had mostly good weather though, with sunny, fresh days and not too much wind and rain.

I am managing to walk a few gentle miles most days though twang arm is playing up still.  I am anxious to get back into the pool in a couple of weeks time.  My radiation-burnt skin is recovering and peeling in a rather disgusting fashion.  For some reasons the nails on both big toes have bruised and are very tender which I cannot understand.  Tamoxifen seems to be making me a bit maudlin which I also do not understand.  My hair is growing irregularly and in the wrong colour.

We have virtually no access to internet or mobile phone on the island so it is truly remote and peaceful.  We have ventured onto the mainland today for essential supplies and communication!  I also finally took the step of walking over the threshold into a hairdresser to do something with my mad professor hair.  It has now been evened up nicely – with the clippers!

We have another week on the island before heading off to other parts of the UK to connect with family and friends around the country. The following week we will return to Bangkok and radiation review with Dr C, and then hopefully return to Yangon.  So this haven of peace and healing is very welcome just now.

4 thoughts on “From the recovery zone

  1. Yes, the peeling skin is a bit disgusting!

    The tamoxifen has a similar effect on me, and the “wrong” music playing in the supermarket can even set me off…

    Enjoy the rest of your time with family and friends.

    E xx

  2. Dear friends
    you may be recovering from radiation but you and Jigme still radiate love and happiness. Lovely to see you both. Enjoy the peace, nature will take it’s course and recharge your batteries.
    The Whiteheads x

  3. Hiya! Hope you are still enjoying your hols. I got back from France on Friday … and have enjoyed a further couple of days in the sunshine before returning to work tomorrow. Ten days on and my Perky Boob is looking a little rosie and rashy … but better than it was.

    I am going to bite the bullet tomorrow and go into work without my hat … my hair is short and spiky … looks OK … but certainly not long enough to let the hairdresser loose on it!

    P x

  4. Lismore sounds like a great escape. I envy all of your upcoming traveling although I image it will be a bit exhausting. I recently came across a great new movement amongst women with breast cancer, it allows for you to share your experiences to improve the breast cancer experience for future patients and survivors. Maybe they will be able to come up with ways to help cope with the radiation burns and so on. I highly recommend checking it out at I wish you safe travels!

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