Disingenuous departure lounge design

Well, we did manage to finish packing, we did get to the airport.  We checked in with no problem and we did catch our flights.  We even reached Glasgow and now we are in very sunny Scotland.  That is in all seriousness – it is and has been very warm and sunny since we arrived.  I seem to be the only woman in Scotland wearing a coat and scarf!

Our journey was not the most pleasant I have ever had, but I can put most of that down to the discomfort of post surgery, post chemo and the blossoming post radiation  burn.  It was not helped by a “mishap” in Dubai airport where we had to transit.  It was probably a combination of lack of sleep, neuropathy in the feet and disingenuous departure lounge furniture design.  I particularly hold the departure chairs accountable.  There is an interesting little feature at the end of each row of chairs in the form of a little table.  Very handy indeed.  However, it is almost the same colour as the floor, a kind of nondescript grey.  I did not spot these little tables and managed to throw myself over one of them and land on another somewhat heavily.  A rather unpleasant way of preparing yourself for a 7 hour flight.  I managed to add some large and colourful bruises to my needlework ones and look as if I have been in a brawl!

These departure lounge tables are clearly disingenuous as defined by Encarta

1. withholding information: withholding or not taking account of known information
2. not genuinely sincere: giving a false impression of sincerity or simplicity

They clearly withheld information and gave a very false impression of sincerity and simplicity which lead to my downfall!

We are now enjoying time with family and will be heading to a tiny island on the north western coast in a couple of days to continue our family time and recover from the treatment triathlon and the journey!

One thought on “Disingenuous departure lounge design

  1. Have a wonderful holiday Philippa. Relax, enjoy the sunshine (while it lasts) and enjoy the cool relaxing rain that will no doubt follow it, this being summer in the UK.

    Lots of love

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