Finally – the Radio Therapy weekend.

I have a little “Radio Therapy Passport” which the hospital has given me.  It is a cute little booklet containing helpful radiotherapy information and my treatment schedule.

Most importantly, it sets out when I have treatment sessions and which are my days off.  Essential for those of us with chemo brain!

My schedule is 5 treatments a week from Tuesday to Saturday over 5 weeks (from April 21 – May 25 – as long as there are no delays or unexpecteds).

A glance at my schedule above, shows 2 pieces of good news for the day.  Firstly, Treatment No 19 was ticked off today – that means only 6 are left.  Surely I can get through that?  Secondly, this is Saturday evening and now I have my 2 days off – so it’s my RT weekend!

And since I have started out on this new Jelly version of Radiation, I reckon there is only one fitting way to mark the weekend………………

…….. at last – the ice cream I was dreaming of, to complement the jelly!


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