Medium rare?

I know there is an election happening in the UK and there is great attention on that, but I have news……………

I have just come back from my 13th radiation session – out of 25.  That means that I passed the half way point somewhere around the 76th to 78th beep today.  Now I count the beeps daily but with the machine changing position and my wandering mind I often lose count and the total varies between 73 and 76.  The winner is 75 with the most counts but that doesn’t mean that it is the right number!  Even if the precise beep when I passed that stage was not completely sure, when today’s session finished, it was clear that I had passed the half way point, .

I wonder if that makes me half cooked – or medium rare?

2 thoughts on “Medium rare?

  1. Congrats on the half way mark! I have only had 3 of 20 and fed up already. So much for the quick in and out – the first visit was an hour – the second half an hour – and the third and hour again! But what is more concerning is the pinkiness and warmth that I am already feeling … with so many sessions to go 😦

    P x

    • Thanks P – glad yours have started, and 3 done already! I find that it is much quicker now, but realistically with travel and changing, a little wait it still takes up quite a bit of time. I am finding it a real chore to be honest, and although it doesnt hurt, just a bit on the scary side!

      I hope the pinkiness does not develop for you. My twang arm is really stiff, my skin is tight and itchy and I feel a bit yucky. I just want it to be over and start to set on the recovery path.

      I hope that your return to work has been good and keeping your focus away from the cooking 😉
      Hugs from baking bangkok

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