Pinocchio legs

I have been beating myself up a bit and getting frustrated because I am still feeling washed out.  Yes, I have turned the corner and am sure I am heading in the right direction, but I can’t find the accelerator or even the forward pedal.  Progress is so so slow – and so am I!  My legs are still weak and wooden feeling – I feel like Pinocchio – before he became human!  Walking is tiring and going up or down stairs is exhausting.  The neuropathy in my hands continues to bug me too. Radiation is ok so far though I am feeling quite nauseous and Twang Arm is getting stiffer.

Then I realise that it is only 3 weeks since the last chemo.  Time for another small celebration – if it wasn’t finished then I would have been back today for another session!  It also means that I should really start to feel improvement as I leave the chemo, particularly the cumulative effects of 8 sessions, further and further behind.

I guess that 3 weeks is not so long really and that I should just be a bit more patient and happy to keep moving in the right direction.  Having said that, however, having my own legs would be good to keep moving forward – enough of Pinocchio’s legs, time to swap back now!

4 thoughts on “Pinocchio legs

  1. I had my last chemo three months ago but can clearly remember how I felt three weeks after. The reason was I went to the hospital to see my oncologist and he told me he was cancelling my last Tax (I had 4 EC and 3 Tax in total). Now if he had said I had to go ahead with my final treatment then I would have … but by then I felt like a battered dog … I really couldn’t take much more.

    The following day I went for a walk and couldn’t believe how many times I had to stop when climbing a hill. Even yesterday I did about 3-4 hours of housework and felt absolutely shattered … though admittedly it is only 5 weeks from surgery!

    We will get there … take care P x

    • This is really helpful – I have no idea how long it takes to start to get strength back, so your experience is really good to know. I managed to have an encounter with pneumonia after the 7th chemo which pulled even further down so after the 8th I have been really feeling like a battered dog too!! And at the end of my tether (no pun intended ha ha )! It seems we are pretty much on the same radiation schedule too. I have just read your update and will be putting a comment on shortly.
      Take care – thanks so much for your encouragement and yes we will get there 🙂
      P x

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