Another Google gift

I just love this.  Yesterday someone googled the question “How many blue geckos are left in the world?” Not only were they directed to Feisty Blue Gecko, but how about this?  FBG was the first site suggested!

I also found out that there is a very nifty little blue gecko (apparently the Phelsuma klemmeri) – details here …. and here is his picture from the same site.

Now that’s more exciting than chemo!!

2 thoughts on “Another Google gift

  1. Oh my goodness. That’s far brighter and more colourful than I had expected. I think I’d enjoy geckos a lot more if we had ones that looked like that. Instead, most of the ones we have – inside the house, anyway – have translucent brown skin. The darker ones and ones with speckles are mostly outdoors.

    • Isn’t it cool? We have the brown ones here too, though I love them. Well, except when they deliver their calling cards from above!!

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