Time for a nap!

This post is going to be a moaning one I am afraid.   But then, hopefully once I have offloaded, downloaded or overloaded, then I will feel a bit better!

It is nearly a week since the final scheduled chemo, and I cannot believe how tired and frail I feel.  I know that the blood counts get to their lowest a week after the treatment, so it is not surprising that I feel very weak.  It is frustrating though, that even standing for a few minutes is exhausting, walking any distance is difficult, and going up and down stairs pretty impossible.  My knees start to shake and I have to sit myself down at regular intervals.

And sleep!  Goodness, I think I could be sleep champion of the world!  I flake out at night, sleep for a good 9 – 10 hours and still need a morning and afternoon nap!  How skilled am I?

As for the outside world, I am pretty oblivious to what is going on.  This is probably just as well as my chances of getting chemo treat 8 have been significantly reduced because of the colourful activities affecting many parts of central Bangkok. I have made my choice of treat, though, and might have to be patient as I look at alternative ways of getting my hands on what I am after!  That will be the topic of another post, I am sure.

Now it feels like time for another nap – more soon!

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