How auspicious is this?

After my post chemo zonked nap, I had a wee sneaky peak online and just had to comment on what I saw?

You know I love numbers, dates and I see auspicious signs and good omens wherever I can.  But this has to be something very special.

Today saw Final Chemo day, Easter Sunday, and the date is 04 04 2010 – special in itself .

It is a beautifully rounded number.

So imagine when I saw the blog stats counter and that that the site has been viewed 4444  times!  Amazing!  And even more amazing?  At some point early today, the counter would have stood at 4410 visitors – today’s date (4/4/10) – an incredible coincidence!!

  • Blog Stats

    • 4,444 hits

So I am reading that as a heap of auspiciousness and something rather special.

You donated: £50.00
To the charity: Cancer Research UK
To the fundraising page: Heather Laing’s Fundraising Page, created by Heather Laing
Your donation reference: D19974895

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