Treat No 7

I knew that the side effects would come sweeping in by Tuesday and they seem to be lasting a bit longer each time.  So the Treat Strategy needed to be revised a bit because I have found it quite difficult to get out and about to choose my treat if I wait too long.

I had already made my decision about what I wanted for Treat No 7 so just had to get to the shops to find something I liked.

The idea came to me unexpectedly for this one.  I had tried to wear earrings a couple of times, to try and offset the scarf a bit and feel a bit more presentable.  But none of my earrings seemed comfortable or right.  Also for the amount of times I swim, I realised that I really needed a simple stud earring which would keep my ear piercing open and clean.  A little gold one should do the trick, to make sure it is as kept free of infection and risk.  Perfect!

We headed out, found the earring department in the nearest store, and I proceeded to choose something appropriate.

As it turned out, they were very reasonably priced and much less than a regular Chemo Treat (which is still carefully budgeted) so I might even have to have a quick look at the airport tomorrow to see if there is anything special to keep this pair company.

Now, after Chemo 8, do I get a Chemo 8 Treat and a Special Finishing Chemo Treat as well?

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