Progress Preview

A quick one with the headlines:

  • Blood test (including needle) – done 🙂
  • Review with Dr W2 – done 🙂
  • Anaemia – bit better than Thursday (?!) and almost back to the level it was before Chemo 6 – hmmm.
  • Transfusion – not essential, and fit to fly 🙂
  • Chemo 7 (Taxotere 3) – DONE! FINISHED! 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Side effects – on their way as we speak……………….
  • White cell booster – tomorrow (with needle – 😦 )
  • Chemo treat – decision made, procurement in process, wait for updates
  • Eyebrows – almost gone!!!  More about those disappearing rascals later…………
  • Fingers and fingernails – numb, tender and a not pretty – more about them later too….

Today, Dr W2 was on great form – very positive and happy with the way things are going.  I still have quite a few questions, but was highly encouraged at how positive he was about my progress.  And trust me, he is very direct and frank (for example about my lymph node involement and the need for a heavy Chemo course) so I know he does not believe in platitudes.  Duck billed or otherwise.

So there were are – 87.5% through the Chemo event and only one more chemo left.  If all goes well that will be on April 4.  Then I will be clambering over the wall and leaving the All Exclusive Chemo Club, and much as I am grateful to it, I never ever want to have to come back!


6 thoughts on “Progress Preview

    • how lovely to hear from you Scott – thanks so much for your wishes. Yes this was so not in the plan!!!!! How are you doing? Any return visits to Chennai? Love and best wishes from Bangkok/Yangon

  1. Hi P

    Just read your last few posts and as usual they made me laugh while wanting to scream and run away, and then cry too 🙂 Not bad for a couple of lines you write to help yourself deal with things!!

    Anyway, can’t find a way to put individual comments on entries so here’s two together.
    1. I think they eyebrows hang on longer because they know it would be too much to deal with all at once. They are told to stay long enough fo ryou to get used to being bald, then they are allowed to scarper.
    2. You can’t talk about a BC Triathlon – i work for the BC, and it’s really too hard to think about radiotherapy as a possible solution to my work life balance……… 🙂

    Seriously though, it’s great news that you didn’t need the transfusion – and your fingers look pretty normal on the photo! Good luck getting ready for the last chemo. I’ll be thinking about you.
    xxxxxxxxxxx J

    • hey J – sorry about the rash of mixed emotions, maybe better to transfer them to you than to experience them all myself ha ha;)!!

      Oh dear – sorry about the BC – i might just revise that. Or maybe I won’t ………. Could be Breast Cancer, your BC, British Columbia or any other interesting ones? The radiotherapy approach to work life balance? Interesting!

      Love and hugs
      P xx

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