A footnote before the note?

Now I am having fun – playing with the dimension of time and putting a blog post before a post!

The next post is one which has been in preparation for a few days, and touches on some heavy stuff.  The reason for this footnote is put it into perspective a bit before it is read.

Right at the outset of this blog, I stated that there are different reasons for me recording and sharing this experience.  And to be very honest, the biggest part is the selfish one.  It helps me.  It helps me to process this heavy stuff.  It gives an outlet for the heavy physical as well as the emotional path which I am travelling.  It helps me to deal with it because it is less overwhelming once it has been chewed over in my mind over and again and then set out in black and white text.  This whole process means that by the time the heavy words appear on the blog I already feel lighter and see things more in perspective!

So please remember that when you need the next post that I felt a lot better after writing it than I did before!


2 thoughts on “A footnote before the note?

  1. Just sending you a huge hug. The blogging also helps those of us who can’t see you, but think about you and worry about you from afar. Those fears and thoughts are tough, but keep dancing in the rain, Philippa. I am
    sure that your positive attitude and efforts all have an impact and recovery will be yours.

    • Thanks J – yes, it is amazing how easy it is to keep everyone updated with a click of the mouse these days! Though i feel it makes me a bit lazy as I focus energy and time here. xx

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