Silence is golden….


Quite a few things have conspired to keeping me silent since my return just over a week ago.

Firstly, the good old immune system continues to be nicely weakened.  This has meant that my stomach and digestive system has been very sensitive and to put it gently – very dodgy!  It has been an effort trying to eat and energy levels have been pretty low.   Bleugh!

Next have been the taxotere side effects.  One of these is pain and tenderness in the extremities – so my fingertips have been really painful and tender.  It feels as if someone has systematically bashed each finger with a hammer, right on the nail.  I even have stripey nails and swollen fingertips.  Setting the alarm on my mobile phone, or getting online and emailing have been very difficult.  It is improving now (great – with a week left till the next zap) so I am trying to take advantage of the reprieve just now. 

And finally, connectivity has been even more sporadic than usual the past week or so.  A fact of life in the golden land.  So silence is golden indeed!

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