New chemo – new delights

Well this is an interesting one.  I had been expecting different side effects this time, and I have not been disappointed!  However, I did not expect to feel as I have been locked in a fridge!

Apparently the taxotere side effects are less predictable than with the first chemo course.

The first course was a combination of 2 chemotherapy treatments (known as EC for short).  True enough, with EC I knew how the groundhog days would run, knew which days were particularly bad, and more importantly, knew that around day 5 was the deepest low, and by day 7 I started to pick up.  I also knew that the EC would consistently bring nausea, fatigue and a number of other delights and although it did get progressively worse, it was known.

Taxotere is a new experience.  It seems much less predictable, and brings with it a very different type of side effects.  If you add to this, the higher risk of depleted white cells and the need for another shot which brings its own side effects, then you get a sense of the new experience I am in the midst of.  It also appears that the side effects of taxotere are cumulative and so most people tend to find it gets worse as the treatments move on.  Great!

So far, I have the usual fatigue, and can now add stomach cramps, tingling fingers, heartburn and the taste buds have gone rapidly onto high alert for something.  With the extra shot, I have been experiencing bone and other aches, a well documented side effect.  What is odd is that a couple of areas where I have old bone injuries are particularly painful and tender and this has made sleeping difficult.  Additionally, my neck and back are stiff and sore and hence the feeling that I have been locked in a fridge overnight, all cramped and uncomfortable.  And unable to sleep!

I know that I have some more days ahead of this, and all being well will get back home tomorrow to rest and recuperate there in our lovely peaceful, healing environment.  The fridge is bigger too!

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