What happened to the promised update then? I had posted on Monday

morning, just before leaving Bangkok, homeward bound and full of


The Groundhog fog was clearing and while the taste buds were still

sabotaging my appetite and slowing a return to feeling healthy, the

thought of being home was definitely making me feel optimistic.

Our journey back was uneventful and before too long we were out of the

airport and heading home. It is just so good to be back – although

this time I did feel a good bit more tired. I know that the chemo is

pulling me down a bit further each time.

In the evening, I plugged in the laptop, sorted the dialup and got

online after a few attempts. But then horror of horrors – no access

to the blog! Luckily I can still email but there are a number of

sites I can no longer access – and my own blog is one of them! So I

am attempting to post by proxy for the coming days…………let’s see how it


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