Sleepless nights and groundhog days………

………….says it all really!

We’re on day 4 after chemo 4 and still in the thick fog of the groundhog days.  It feels as if I am pulled down a bit further each time, but at least I know things are moving forward.  The tastebuds are missing again, and now I can also see that twang arm is more painful and stiff in the week or so following each treatment.  Marvellous!

But just a few more days, and I should be able to post more regularly.  After all there are still some missing details and updates to fill in.

And indeed hopefully, and things will be brighter again, – and I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Sleepless nights and groundhog days………

  1. Dear Didi!
    Sorry to hear that you are still in the groundhog phase. I hope that today when you wake up, you have boundless energy and you can get back in that swimming pool! Hoping also that this time you might be able to get back to Myanmar for a wee rest before round 5? I’m wishing you peace and calm and a restful night’s sleep from now on.
    Love you lots,
    your Bhaini xoxoxoxox

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