What a difference a day makes!

Actually, what a difference a few hours makes!  I left for the hospital this morning a nervous, chittering wreck, not sure whether to be more scared of delaying the treatment or the treatment going ahead.  And now here I am online briefly, on the other side of Chemo 4, not quite singing and dancing, but a great deal more relaxed and relieved.  It all went ahead smoothly, blood tests ok enough, and the three needle moments survived.

It’s also incredible how different it feels being half way through the chemo!  Yep – four done and four still to go.  Psychologically it feels like a huge milestone.  And even knowing I was on the brink of being halfway, yesterday and this morning, it is just not the same.  It’s a new year and i have half the chemos ticked off now,

I will now switch to another type of chemo, and this one will have different side effects to the two I have been given, and perhaps a few new ones.

I have been busy documenting the side effects of these medications and that is a treat in store for the next few days. I will also post in the next days about the wonderful Port and how the chemo process differs when the port s used.  Another treat to look out for!

But for now I am signing out for a while and back to the gallons of water to try and reduce the side effects which are heading their way towards me at breakneck speed.  Time to plan the chemo treat, I think! 🙂

Thanks 🙂 🙂


4 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes!

  1. Well done you! And happy New Year! Thanks for sharing how things are going and I really hope the days of treatment fly by. Sending anti-side effect wishes right now….

    Helen x

    • Wonderful to hear from you Helen, and thanks so much for your words. Side effects wishes very gratefully received – i’m going to be selfish though and not share them with that crazy mosquito who decided to nibble my ankle. I wonder what chemo does to mossies????
      Hope all is well with you and send warm wishes for 2010

  2. Hi Pip
    Hope chemo 4 went ok- if any of them are ok!! We went to Liverpool for New Year, been coughing & spluttering with a chest infection. Got more anti biotics today and went for a chest x ray. Apart from that- we are still in the land of FFFRREEEZZZIINN!! Hope you’ve managed to see Susans lovely wintery pics. When are you going back to your house, howz Jigme, is he with you or away working?
    Hope you’ve managed to drown the horrible side effects.
    Take care

    • hi J – thanks for this, only just saw it as it was diverted to spam!! horror, but i have found and rescued it.

      Yay – chemo 4 is done and now just in the groundhog days. Half way, thank goodness. On a good day I am chuffed to be half way, on not so good days I think oh no all that to go through again!!

      I’m sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, I hope the antibiotics do the trick and x ray is clear. the extreme cold really makes it so much more painful. Yeah, hard to imagine that cold from here, though we have had violent thunderstorms here. I must have a look a Susan’s pics – have been missing in action a bit the past few days and trying to catch up a bit now.

      We’re still in Bangkok – hoping to get back at the weekend, but will only be for a couple of weeks. still so good to get back. J is here – looking after me which is great.

      take care and thanks again

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