Mosquito alert – multi purpose

The side effects are taking their hold now, but my mind is still processing and working away.  And there is something in particular bugging me at the moment.

Not long after the chemo, I felt the familiar nibble of a mosquito around my ankles.  Selfishly,  I am anxious not to get any mosquito borne lurgey, or any lurgey, for that matter given my reduced resistence to infection.  But what about the unsuspecting mossie?  I imagine that it got way more than it bargained for.  A double dose of chemotherapy and all its attendant side effects!!! I can see it groaning as it lurches around in its state of extreme nausea.  And the horror when it experiences the pink urine effect!!!

So listen carefully all mossies.  it is in our mutual interest to avoid each other – OK?

3 thoughts on “Mosquito alert – multi purpose

  1. I love to think of the revenge on the mossie srve the wee bugger right. How about a trip to Scotland to sort out some midges?
    Hope these next few days are not too dreadful. Well done on getting to the half way mark. Keep soldiering on. Busty chimps.

  2. Thank you, thank you – just for having the courage to share your journey and of course for being you. Congratulations on the halfway mark. Big cuddles, S

  3. Nice thought, Janet – would certainly shock them! Been ok -ish today for ground hog 1. Fuzzy during the day, nodding off, and then then decided I wanted a swim!

    Simone, you have no idea how good it is to be able to share this strange journey. It is a huge boost to be half way through this bit.

    Husty bugs and chiddley buddles

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