Stage fright

‘Tis the night before chemo…….

Oh I hate this feeling, it just doesn’t get any easier.  I’m stressed about tomorrow, I’m distracted, restless and not very patient.

First thing will be a blood test and this time I am not sure if my blood counts will be ok as I have struggled more to eat well.  The loss of my taste buds was worse after Chemo 3 and eating was a constant battle.

As usual before the treatment, half of me is so scared that the thought of a reprieve appeals.  But the other half (the bigger one) really wants to keep moving forward, towards the end of the treatment and recovery.

Well, I will know this by time tomorrow if I am allowed another Chemo treat……….and so will you!

2 thoughts on “Stage fright

  1. Dear, dear Philippa,
    Shouting “Courage” from several thousand miles seems futile. I’m thinking of you, want you to keep on going and going. But you’re the one who experiences the symptoms. As I told you, I know people who’ve come through, pushed back. You’re one of my pedestal people, focusing on and going for what you want, open-hearted and..and..where do I start, where do I stop?

    Love you, Gail

    • What can I say Gail – to get this just before I left for the hospital this morning was the biggest and best thing I could imagine. Just being half way now really is a boost, and of course it wasn’t half as bad as I think it is going to be. Now the side effects are kicking in though. I hope I can see you somewhere soon for a long long overdue hug and catch up.
      Love to you P x

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