Recommended reading – and cooking!

This is the wondrous life saving book I referred to in the previous post.

There is also a review of the book on this site:

It describes the book, and particularly highlights that this is far more than a cookery book.

The review tells it much better than I can but I can’t resist sharing my favourite bit. In the book it states that amongst other foodstuffs,sugar is not good for you.  However, if a chemo patient is struggling with eating and it is a choice between sugar and nothing, then sugar is ok.  I am sure you can substitute sugar with chocolate or pizza, or ……………


3 thoughts on “Recommended reading – and cooking!

  1. I’m not on chemo, nor have I ever had cancer. However, I do have a history of severe and frequent enough nausea accompanied by enough vomiting that I’m far too familiar with the whole “What can I eat today that won’t make me vomit?” thing. It’s tiring. It’s exhausting. It’s… Ugh. I keep things like oatmeal, ichiban noodles, crackers, ginger, lime, and other sort-of-neutral foods that I tend to handle better on nausea days.

    You have all the sympathy in the world from me.

    • That sounds really rough – I know what you mean about keeping things on hand and getting together things which you know you can stomach. I am really fortunate in that this should be a temporary thing for me and the chemo will one day be over. I will be thinking of you having to deal with this constantly.

      • Ah, sorry, didn’t explain properly.

        It’s not all the time and it’s not very often now, thank heavens. My Ayurvedic doc gave me some medicine that really reduced that tremendously. Now it’s only every now and than, but I haven’t felt that way in a couple or three months. Thank heavens.

        It comes and goes, but for now anyway, it’s mostly gone. 🙂

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