Progress report and a dilemma.

I realise thinking back, that I haven’t mentioned twang arm for a while. I think that’s a good sign. It shows that actually even although my left arm is still troubling and twanging, the fact that I have not mentioned it so much indicates that it must be  improving. (I had better not say that too loudly though, in case twang arm is listening).

While I was in Yangon, I found I was finally able to straighten twang arm. This makes it much easier even just to walk comfortably! I still have restricted movement but when I look back I realise that the range of movement is much greater now. Also, the pain level is much reduced, and that the numbness and tingling sensation is not so great, and it generally feels just a bit less twangy. I also had a really weird tingling sensation in my left cheek and left ear earlier, if I touched them.  Now my cheek is fine and there is only the very slightest sensation in my ear now. So all of that is real progress.

I have to say it’s not happening on its own. I am doing gentle physiotherapy exercises several times a day to try and increase the range of motion just a little. I am also doing a very gentle yoga routine (designed specially for me – next step baby yoga), as well as swimming occasionally.

Now back in Bangkok, we have a lovely little pool in our apartment block. However, to get into the pool there is the usual ladder and I do not have enough upper arm strength to be able to use that. I think I could get in the pool no problem, but I’m not sure that I could get out! You have no idea how frustrating it is to hear it call my name every morning and know that I am not quite ready to get in yet!

However, I have to say that even this improvement is very slow and that my progress is hindered particularly at the chemo times. Although the general direction is forwards, at these times I do feel that I’m slipping back a bit.

And that’s where we come to the dilemma. Unfortunately, one of the activities that is not good for twang arm is typing. So I am carefully trying to balance how I use online time. The challenge is, that documenting this, communicating and emailing, as well as gently engaging with work, is helping my recovery and mindset considerably.

So this means I am continuing to document this but getting it online is taking time. I do have in my mind, to develop a set of links so that it is easier to look through this blog and follow the chronological story. Let’s see if we can bring together twang arm and my lack of Internet savvy and put something together very shortly.

I have mixed feelings about regularly posting over the Christmas and New Year period, because the subject matter is often pretty gross and incompatible with celebrations. I will probably continue to update in the same slow pace, however, just to keep things moving forward as well as helping to maintain a level of mental equilibrium. And moreover, just as others are nursing hangovers in early January I expect I’ll be nursing my next chemo groundhog hangover so why not indulge in my gecko therapy just now. 😉


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