Abducted by aliens

And another thing – I want my taste buds back!

It’s over a week now since chemo 3 and my taste buds have been abducted by aliens, or replaced with alien taste buds or something.

How I long for a refreshing drink of water.  In fact, it is really important that I drink a lot of water to keep flushing the chemo through my system.  I have to drink a minimum of 2 litres a day, which should be no problem.  But since the alien interference with my taste buds my whole taste system has been totally sabotaged.  Water tastes foul – a bit as if it has gone stale or been lying stagnating.  It also has – now how clever is this – a different texture!?  And it leaves an aftertaste and nausea which gets progressively worse instead of better.

I discovered a neat little trick in Yangon to address this.  Squeezing a little lime into the water tricked those taste buds and made the water vaguely palatable.  Now that chemo 3 is over though, or perhaps because Bangkok limes have a different chemical composition, it no longer works.  I can see the lime, I can sense there is a slightly different taste, but it sure isn’t lime or lemon flavoured.  And it still tastes foul!!

If this is the trouble I am having, just with a drink of water, let’s factor in all the other tastes which have been skewed.  Then add cooking smells to that, to ensure maximum yucky feeling and lack of appetite.  It’s also great for making me turn up my nose at the very dish I had specially requested.  Next subtract all the foods I am not allowed or should avoid (anything tasty) and you can imagine the challenge for J who is trying all sorts of tricks and ideas to make food tempting for me.

So here’s a heartfelt a plea for my missing or alien taste buds to be restored – pleeeeeeeeeeeeease……………..

5 thoughts on “Abducted by aliens

  1. Philippa if you can’t work out what you can face eating, i’m sure we can all be put off for 5 mins by your gory details!! Will probably do me good to lose my appetite for a minute or so over the holiday period. Look forward to reading your next installments, as many as twang arm permits. Happy Christmas if i don’t have time to get in touch before, and all my love and best wishes for a speedy recovery in 2011. Love J

  2. Bloody aliens, how dare they steal your tastebuds! It must be because yours are so sophisticated and well-developed and can accurately discern good pudding from bad pudding (if there is such a thing as bad pudding!).

    Flat lemonade or ginger ale is an old favourtie for nausea which I’m sure you already know about. And dry crackers of course (maybe you could dip them in the lemonade!) I’m not sure if you are allowed to have alcohol but beer and wine are both appetite stimulants but probably not good to have on a completely empty stomach in your condition i guess. Even some sweeties will help keep your sugar levels up if you can stomach them- dare I suggest a Fanny or two?! The important thing of course is not to drop too much weight. Fortified milk drinks are fabulous if you can’t really face solids-something like Sustagen which has lots of protein added. Hmm, I wonder if you can carry some limes from Yangon next time you go to BKK?

    Another trick for nausea is to try a tiny helping on a plate to start with, and then add to it as you can.. sometimes the sight of a fully loaded plate of food is enough to put off the most willing of stomachs. Perhaps Jigme could get some take-away so you don’t have to face the cooking smells?
    Keep your chin up didi, I’m sure the nausea will abate soon- with any luck you can have some sort of Christmas lunch on Friday.
    Thinking of you xoxoxoxoxo

    • hi bahini and thanks so much for your helpful suggestions – I particularly had to laugh when you suggest Fannies, my goodness I havent seen one for ages 😉

      am limited in that i can’t have dairy (or very little) or chicken and that seems to rule a lot out. One bonus has been the surprise liking of dark chocolate which i used to hate – so my staple will be salmon and dark chocolate – appetising 😉

      Hope you and chi are well and you have a wonderful christmas and a fabby christmas dinner
      p and j

  3. Your’e welcome my gorgeous didi! Hmmmmm, Salmon and dark chocolate sounds pretty good actually! Chi and I hope you are improving day by day and minute by minute so you can put these groundhog days behind you and get back to Yangon for some R&R. We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and I’ll send my bestest prayers to you from Church tonight- i hope you get them!
    Lots and lots of love and hugs to you and dear Jigme for a good Christmas day tomorrow-I’m sure next year’s Christmas will be totally fantastic and well worth all of the hard work you are currently going through. Love you lots xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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