Just over a third

A quick one to confirm that I am on the other side of number 3 now.  All went smoothly and now I am back at the apartment, drinking gallons of water (with a touch of lemon in it to make it palatable) and preparing to watch the 3 episodes of “The Amazing Race” which I couldn’t get in Myanmar.  If I can stay awake, that is.  And hopefully delaying the onset and minimising the effects of the Groundhog days.

We took some pics during the session but not sure whether to post them here…………………Let me mull that over.  (Well there is no chance of mulling wine this Christmas so I might as well mull milestones and mug shots).

So that means, 3 down and 5 to go – or 3 out of 8.  Not as easy as 2 (half way to half way) but a much better place to be!!  Just over a third suits me just fine for now.


4 thoughts on “Just over a third

  1. Waves of healing goodness still wafting over to you from frozen Montana! Glenn M tells me he’s workin the mala on your behalf as well.

    • thanks so so much – i am convinced that the healing prayers are really helping and wonderful that Glenn is also devoting prayers.

      I’m very conscious of others in the same position who don’t have the care and blessings that I am so fortunate to have and hope you dont mind me sharing them?

      Feeling pretty rough at the moment – water tastes foul and I have just slept for about 5 hours. Groundhog days are reeling in – but that means they we’re also moving towards the end of the groundhog days. So glad no 3 is DONE though!

      Hope you are well?
      warm wishes from us both

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