Before or after?

Oh dear – I am not quite sure what’s worse – before and this awful waiting, or after when the effects kick in and the Groundhog days start.

We reached Bangkok last night, and now am just in that hollow time before I set off to the hospital.  The bruise on my arm from Thursday’s blood test is like some modern artwork and I am not quite sure how they are going to get their hands on more blood this morning.  Particularly as I will be running fast in the opposite direction of any needles!  ( I later realised that this is futile in a hospital – needles are everywhere!!!)

Anyway if all is well, tests are ok then I will go up for chemo 3 later today.  It’s hard to imagine being at that point from where I am right now.  I hope so much it goes ahead, but I dread it at the same time.

I’ll try to post briefly later and update on whether I am due another chemo treat or not 🙂


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