…………….are – GO!

But not in this, although it is the right colour!

However, I am sporting a cute pink plaster (elastoplast/bandaid for multicultural translation purposes) on my right elbow.  It is unable to hide a lovely large  purple bruise from this morning’s blood test.

But the news is good so far.  The count is ok and enough for me to travel back to Bangkok on Saturday.  The process grinds forward.  On Sunday I will have more blood tests (but only if I get the pink plasters) and see Dr W2 the oncologist.  If he is happy – well he always appears happy, but  if he’s happy with the results and they show I am well enough, then I will be carted off to oncology for chemo 3.

Great.  But let’s hope it is all fine and I move forward another step.

I have nearly finished the write up of the chemo process but will probably post it after the next session so I don’t spook myself! 

There is an interesting branding reference in it – as in the pink ribbon theme.  And that’s consistent with today’s plaster experience.  After the blood test, the nurse peeled off a yucky yellow plaster which totally refused to stick to my skin.  They produced the alternative – a pink one, which adhered perfectly.  Clearly anything associated with my treatment now has to be pink!


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