Heebie Jeebie time

It’s that time again. I have a serious case of the heebie jeebies!  And multi faceted heebie jeebies at that.

My skin is seriously sensitive, not just dry and sensitive, but tingly, tender and really creepy.  Totally heebie jeebie skin!  I remember this happening before too, about 3 weeks after the chemo sessions.  If I bump against anything, it is much more painful than normal and often breaks the skin.  Clothes irritate much more than usual and I remember my hair falling driving me crazy before.  If there is so much as a miniscule, stubbly hair now I can feel it and Ihave to hunt it down and eradicate it.

The other heebie jeebies are the mental ones.  I am now seriously close to the next scheduled Chemo date.  I will have a blood test tomorrow and if it shows that I am well enough, then we will travel back to Bangkok on Saturday to see Dr W2 on Sunday.  If all is well that will be Chemo 3 and Groundhog days next week.  HEEBIE HEEBIE JEEBIE!!!

I have such mixed feelings.  I have been really able to relax and heal here in Yangon and the thought of leaving our lovely space here and going back to limbo in Bangkok gives me a feel sinking feeling.  (Emotional side).  I know, however,that this takes me forward in the treatment and towards recovery (rational side).  And I think most of all, I just dread the treatment and the groundhog days (even though I know I can do it and it is all well managed).  I guess that is the Heebie Jeebie side!


3 thoughts on “Heebie Jeebie time

  1. Bangkok is also your healing place, and while you’re there you dream of lovely Yangon.
    Do you have some dvds or a good book you can take with you to get you through those groundhog days?
    I’m sending you lots of love Philippa xoxoxox

  2. Hi P didi
    This sounds rather horrible – I didn’t know about all the side effects, although i’m not surprised but I also didn’t know they’d have to check on your health to make sure the side effects haven’t made you to ill to continue the treatment. There’s something very not right about that 😦
    Rationally hope you do get sent to Bangkok.
    Take care
    Lots of love J&P

  3. Hi there didi,
    I’ve been keeping track of your latest and I’m so glad to hear that you have been healing in Yangon- i bet your home is a real sanctuary. Keep that image of your dheraa in your mind’s eye to get you through the groundhog days. Can I recommend a full body pink catsuit to protect you from the heebie jeebies? Since pink is being very protective for you at the moment, I can’t see why wrapping yourself in it wouldn’t help even more…if only it were that easy hey didi!
    Good luck with the Bangkok trip, i guess it would be a pain to go all that way to not have the next chemo phase so it sounds like the rational side is the one to listen to right now xoxo
    I’m not surprised to hear that J is your angelic right-hand man at the moment- bless him xoxox Thinking of you both xo
    Lots of Love from Us xoxoxoxo

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