The new look – Doctor Evil versus Boy George …..

OK, it’s been over two weeks now and since I lost my hair to a Bangkok barber. You can see I still find it difficult to even say “bald”. I do have a variety of things to hide my head including lovely scarves, hats and caps and I mix and match these depending on my mood and what I’m wearing. But I know that none of them disguise my baldness, merely covers it a bit.

I still find it really difficult to look at myself in the mirror with my head uncovered. Without doubt I look just like Doctor Evil (Austin Powers).

But today I found a new hat in the wardrobe which I used to wear in Scotland in colder weather. A really nice, trendy, red velvet hat. And when I wear that I’m a dead ringer for Boy George!

5 thoughts on “The new look – Doctor Evil versus Boy George …..

  1. Hi Pip
    You may have lost your hair, but your sense of humour is still there, when your hair grows back will your sense of humour go- is that a bad / good thing ?????
    keep your chin up. Thinking of you

    • hey J – thanks :).

      hair was not lost – was stolen!! And now it looks as if the chin is permanently up – ha ha ha ha. I oculd walk around upside down and folks would probably not notice!!

      I’m protecting the sense of humour fiercely – strangely you’re not the first to wonder if it would be a loss to mankind 😉

      hugs and thanks for your support

      • Hi
        Are you at the same apartment in Bangkok, Mum was wondering?, how long are you there for, nearly halfway done!

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