As well as dealing with all of the medical things, we had some paperwork to deal with as well. We had arrived in Thailand uncertain as to how long we would be staying. This meant that we had to regularise our papers. Fortunately because I would be under medical treatment for some time, and J was my primary carer it was very straight forward to do this and the hospital’s Customer Services department worked hard to support us in this.

You might think this is a very boring activity, but something very amusing happened.

Due to the fact that I was in hospital and clearly unable to go to the official offices myself, the customer services department were to take J to deal with the paperwork. However they needed proof that not only did I exist, but that I was in Thailand and undergoing medical treatment. To do this, I had to have my photograph taken and to prove that this was taken on that particular day I was asked to hold up a copy of that day’s edition of the Bangkok Post. So a beautiful mug shot was taken of me, holding that day’s Bangkok Post. Although I was feeling pretty fragile, I know these things are important so I made sure that I looked serious and respectful for this.

With the necessary papers and proof of my existence, and a reason for my non appearance, J and customer services headed off to take care of all of this.

The process took a long time and J returned in the afternoon, but with the work happily taken care off. Our stay had been regularised and everything now in order.

A number of days later, after H had arrived, J produced a brown envelope and said he had something serious to tell H about me. We were suitably afraid. None of us were prepared for what was inside the envelope. There was a piece of A4 paper and on the top half was the photograph of me in my hospital attire, holding a copy of the Bangkok Post. Underneath there was our close-up of the banner and headline of the day’s edition. I don’t need to describe it any more clearly because already you can tell that looked like a classic mug shot of a convict. And as if that was not bad enough the headline proclaimed:

 ‘Police suspect theft in killings’

And what I thought looked like serious and respectful?  H announced was more a look of guilt enhanced by my hospital dress looking more like a prison uniform!!

Classic! So classic in fact, that I cannot possibly reproduce it here!

5 thoughts on “Incriminations!

  1. The photos sounds like quite a souvenir! I hope to see it some day! I’m glad you had a good laugh.

    Thinking of you and J. What a good man-i’m glad you have such an amazing support in him, especially at this time xoxoxoxox

    Lots of Love from Us xoxoxoxoxo

    • thanks so much bahini for all your messages and comments, and the wonderful support. Yes, J has been a total star. So you have also been a victim of the ipod conspiracy ;)?

      yes, will let you see the photo – somewhere, sometime hopefully not too far in the distant future 🙂
      love and hugs to you both

  2. I need to see the photo too 😉 Please please!! I’m so glad that there can be laughs for you in these things as well as the stress and fear. Glad also that twang arm can’t stop you blogging. Keep going! Love from J&P to P&J

  3. Good to know you haven’t lost your sense of humour through all this!

    Mary x

    ps guess what, Jargal is studying in Aberdeen! We have hooked up via facebook and hope to meet up at some point.

    • thanks M 🙂

      he he – they have yet to find where I keep my sense of humour – and I am protecting it fiercely!!!

      wonderful about Jargal – i connected with her recently but very very briefly as the connection cut 😦 do give her my warm wishes.

      hugs to you both

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