Twang arm updates

How about this then?

Twang news 1

I took twang arm swimming on Wednesday – well, swimming means kind of bobbing around in the pool.  I did manage about four extremely gentle breadths though and then more bobbing.  It was unbelievably good!

Twang news 2

I managed to straighten twang arm!  The excercises are helping for sure, and progress is really slow but the fact I can actually straighten my arm is a real step forward. 

Next milestone?  How about peeling a banana unaided??

4 thoughts on “Twang arm updates

  1. Hello dearest P-didi,

    Gosh, what a superstar you are to be going through all of this and still keeping such an amazing record of your current experiences.. and with such humour….it’s inspiring….you are inspiring didi. So glad to hear that you are back in Yangon and your home sweet home which sounds like just the retreat you need right now. Hopefully, no more groundhog days for awhile and lots more swimmming/bobbing instead! By the way, if it is any consolation, Chi and I are in constant battle with his i-pod and it’s sinister partner, i-tunes, and we’ve had similar losses of music libraries- ahh, apple, why do you mock us so?!
    You keep strong and keep smiling your lovely smile didi and know that we are sending you positive vibes from the south easterly direction…always!
    Lots of Love from Chi and I xoxox

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  3. Ah, I think they were the same meds my mum was given. She complained of severe back pain and was given strong painkillers by a call-out night doctor. The next morning while brushing her teeth she felt dizzy, fell on the floor and cracked her pelvis! Yup, it was a known side-effect of the pain meds. Eek!

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