Groundhog Day

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  No updates and still gaps in the earlier part of the story.

The past few days, life has really felt like Groundhog Day.  I wake up, and then realise that it is just the same as yesterday.

But then it has quite a tough week.  On Sunday morning, I had my appointment with the oncologist and preparations and checks for the second chemo treatment.  Hair loss continued and on Tuesday I had to face up to the inevitable and did have the remaining hair shaved off.  Wednesday saw the end of the side effect meds and I had a truly horrible day.  Thursday was marginally better, perhaps.  And today is Friday, and another Groundhog Day.  I woke up, checked – yep, still bald, yep – still feel rotten, yep – still got 6 more sessions, and of course – yep – the past 6 weeks has not been a dream and this is all real – hey it’s another Groundhog Day!!

And just to add insult to injury – I planned my Chemo treat 2 for Tuesday so that it would counteract the shaving trauma.  I decided to download some feisty, lively music for my ipod and make up some playlists.  And what did I achieve?  I managed to lose my complete ipod library, lose half of the downloads due to some hard drive malfunction, and of course synchronising the ipod I managed to lose all my old music!!!  Who’s a clever girl then?!!

And in case you thought this might not be a conspiracy?  The only movie channel on TV is back to playing one film on a loop – THE BUCKET LIST!!!!

Tomorrow will be day 6 though after the chemo, so I should, should, should feel a good bit better and hope to be able to update this a bit more.

3 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. DVDs, DVDs, you are living in black market DVD heaven. I would recommend starting with an HBO or similar series and getting addicted to it. So, Mad Men, The Wire (to be watched with subtitles, all 5 series), Dexter, 6 feet under, West Wing, Arrested Development.. Most of these have at least 6 series, your hours will pass swiftly and they are all fun and intelligent and good for engaging your brain when physically you need to be taking a rest. OK The Wire is fun in an unusual way. Sukuhmvit road the stall holders have complete series of all of them. They will have to scuttle off to get them cos of the new restrictions but they are there.

  2. Any chance of getting comedy dvd? Also what about iplayer for the different channels from the UK for finding some good comedy…stand up comedy and just anything that is funny to keep you smiling during these tough days.
    Love, Meyrav

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