Half way house!

I still have a lot of detail to fill in from the earlier days of this story, but here is a quick update from what is definitely half way house.

Firstly, on the chemo front.  Chemo 2 was on Sunday – I will have 8 sessions, so I am half way to half way through the chemo.  I will be filling the details on chemo later so look forward to that, in case you have run out of grim reading or horror movies 😉 .

And on the hair?  Today I am going to be brave (well that is the plan just now) and just get my head shaved.  It is now at that horrible stage where it has thinned visibly and you can tell that my hair is going.  It was ok really until Sunday (yep chemo day) and cruelly when I was feeling fragile about the chemo, it decided to make itself visible (or should that be invisible)?  So a few days ago, even with the short crop, I could get away with it albeit leaving a trail of mysterious hairs behind me and on the pillow.  Now I have to face up to the inevitable.  It is strange though – it is just such a huge psychological step and I am NOT looking forward to it.  I know it will come back, I know it could come back different (and nicer) perhaps thicker and perhaps a lush brunette.  But all of this is light years in the future.  I know that in the meantime I can disguise my bald head with wigs, scarves and other headwear.  But no matter what, I will still have that strong visible signal that I have cancer.

PS.  Insult to injury?  Yep, the leg hair is as strong, healthy and present as ever!  Now who do I complain to about that?!

3 thoughts on “Half way house!

    • That is a great advert for a hairdresser!!! Yeah, I know it will but just not tomorrow and it feels like an unimaginable time till it will. I’ll be better in a few days I am sure once I get used to seeing Austen Powers in the mirror!!!

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