Rapunzel rant

A quick post script to the Rapunzel post.

I realised later what was bugging me so much.  If the chemo can’t discern between fast growing cancer cells and fast growing hair cells – then how on earth does it manage to distinguish between head hair and leg hair!????

One thought on “Rapunzel rant

  1. Hi Philipa,

    I was in touch with Heather while she was on her trip to Nepal and she told me the news. I was very touched to read your blog and know the feeling well as have had cancer and was operated.

    Heather told me about all the amazing work you have been doing all over Asia and some of the horror you witnessed – you are amazing!

    Nick and I now live in Sussex and have a very quiet life. I ended up being so burnt out and physically exhausted that I had to stop working a year ago and have been healing my body using the Gerson Therapy. It has been hard work as it requires lots of juicing and strict diet and enemas (coffee ones!) but it is working. The Gerson Therapy was created 60 years ago by a medical doctor called Max Gerson to treat cancer patients…might be worth googling it and having a read. It may not keep the hair from falling but it will help the body heal while you are going through the chemo therapy. The hair will grow again…

    Please give my love to Jigme.
    We keep you in our thoughts and send you lots of love.
    Meyrav and Nick

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