Nightly Mind Games

Nightly Mind Games

In the dead of night, I lie awake,

again I cannot sleep,

crowded by those night time thoughts,

unbidden, dark and deep


They intrude my mind, they force my fears

of the coming hours and days

it’s all unknown and new and changed

no clear future, just a haze


The nightly battle gathers strength

the dark thoughts laugh and jeer

they invade my mind, distort my dreams

and fuel my fright and fear


Slowly and eventually

the night begins to fail

the blackest black turns inky grey

and the dark thoughts start to pale


I start to drift in easier mind

as daylight melts the dark away

the black thoughts lose the upper hand

dreams and lighter thoughts start to play


In light of day I know they’re there,

these deep and tugging fears

hiding, waiting, lurking

they refuse to disappear


But I know that in the warm sunshine

they lose their hold on me

and though they’re back in dead of night

for now, my mind is free

2 thoughts on “Nightly Mind Games

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