Progress report

A few words to bring us up to date, as it is going to take a bit of time to fill in all the details of the past few weeks.

31 October  marks the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  ‘Nuff said, I think (for now!)

I am doing well.  It’s 8 days after the first chemo, 10 days since the second (small) surgery for a wee repair and to put in my USB port so I can download movies while having chemo, 26 days after the big surgery and 29 days after the diagnosis.  I still have hair, though all the pointers suggest that I won’t for much longer as it usually disappears between the first and second week.  That’ll be something to get my head round 😉 .  Still thinking of my strategy – blonde wig, expensive silk scarves, baldie…?  Not decided yet.

Ahead I have 7 more chemo sessions, radiation therapy and hormone treatment.  So I am not quite half way yet 😉  I love the suggestion from my friend J that I should plan treats for each treatment – a great idea!  I bought myself two books but then realised that books are essentials not treats, so I have a treat in credit.

I also met a wonderful woman who is going through something very similar – we have a lot in common and I am lucky that we can share elements of this journey together.

I am determined to do what I can to build my strength and resilience and am really grateful for information and details of good foods to eat, yoga when I get back to Yangon and other creative and healing things to do.  Though I know that the toast and marmite diet seems to be the only approach in the chemo days – let’s see.

Yesterday and today I met up with special friends (Bangkok is great as people are based here as well as passing through) and I rounded off today with a nice wander round Benjasiri Park, gently swinging the twangy arm – now that’s progress!


5 thoughts on “Progress report

  1. Hi Pip
    Glad to hear that you’re taking your twangy arm out for a bit of fresh air, keep up the blog, it’s great. I’ve been printing it out for mum to see.

    • thanks J – i think i scared the others in the park, though they probably thought it was a good halloween outfit 😉 (convincing vampire victim!!)

    • that is what I mean’t! They call it a chemo port but I have high expectations of what extra functions it will have 😉

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